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4k Visitors To Your Link For 5 Days

Promote your song with daily 4000+ traffic for $20


Personally Contact Music Managers & Booking Agents

FREE 50-page directory list of booking agents and music managers

Promote Your Music To 5 Million People!

Promo your song on our social network and email list for $20


Our Approach

Affordability, Simplicity, Brand

Email Campaign

Email Campaign services are a particular specialty of our Music Promotion Agency, and one of the most popular offerings. We will give your music that extra adrenaline shot it needs to get attention on a scale you can only imagine. Your music will be promoted to over 5 million people for 3 days for only $20!

Social Media Promotion

Our social media promotions are amazing and affordable, enabling your musical brand to grow and increasing your audience and prospective fanbase. Start your next campaign in just a few clicks. This is what we live for: creating more success for you and your music than you ever thought was possible.

FM Radio Promotion

If you’re looking to get on the radio, we’ve got you covered. Give your music and brand a major boost. With this service, we will help you get your sound heard and recognized. Our world-class services will maximize your exposure to audiences near and far. (Note that this is NOT payola)


Case Study

Rapper: That Boul Alive

Using our $20 email promotion service, That Boul Alive was able to amass 25,000+ clicks on his album, Time is Now, in less than a month!


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Jersey City, NJ



Dah Lee


Obis always deliver my ads and promotions with lots of enthusiasm and devotion. You shouldn't be looking anywhere else to promote your music!

Isaiah J


Obis is extremely simple compared to other agencies, this is a real deal. The service was amazing and delivered on time. This was my second time using this service. I highly recommend this service!

Sarah Presley


Good results already, great communication. I recommend this for any promotion. I needed to get my music heard and was able to see a good response.

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